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Gallery of Webdepot's design examples.

This page contains generic website designs we have created. They are here to give you an idea of what sort of look you might like for your own website. The content and images used in each has been kept to the basics, your website will usually look more 'full' than these when it's completed. Pick the website style that you like the most and we will create a version of it that incorporates your specifications and preferences.

Once you have chosen your design, decide which two colours you would like incorporated into it the most and what name you want to have on your website's main banner. If you have your own ready-made business logo, send us a copy and we'll use that in your website's design. Your own logo needs to be in digital format already, as logo reconstruction isn't part of our website package. Whoever designed your logo should be able to provide you with a digital copy. Further information on what is required can be found on the FAQ and Services pages of this website.

If you don't have a pre-designed logo, we will create a basic banner for your website that incorporates your site name at no extra cost. However, for a more professional look for your business, you might like to invest in a professionally designed logo. Graphic designers can assist you with this, and can be found online, or in the Yellow Pages.

When it comes to the pictures you want on your website, just tell us where you want them and we'll place them as close to that position as we can. Pictures provided will need to be resized (if necessary) to work into our design parameters. We will do this at no extra cost.

Your website won't look exactly the same, as the styles below are a guide only.
The website examples below, except for the first two and Visions Discos, were made 'non-responsive', which means they don't change size when viewed on small screens. All new websites, will, however, be made 'responsive', unless you request it not to be. The Webdepot website, itself, was designed as a responsive one.

Click on each picture to see the actual website
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