Welcome to Sweet Spot Chocolates

Sweet Spot Chocolates is a specialist chocolate shop for connoisseurs of fine handmade chocolate, those looking for bespoke chocolate gifts, or even a handmade chocolate wedding cake or celebration cake for that special occasion. Situated in the internationally recognized city of Wellington, we welcome you to come and indulge in the best chocolate around.

Our exclusive range of exquisite chocolates are hand dipped in Vichenza chocolate, featuring unusual and delectable truffles, salt caramels, dipped gingers and rustic slab! Also available is our Chocolate Gold Fudge, a unique chocolate sensation made using the finest ingredients.

We pride ourselves on supplying luxury Belgian chocolate, that's why we are one of the few suppliers of the irresistible Neuhaus range in New Zealand. Our beautiful shop is located in Myers Lane and we supply some of the finest chocolate from around the world, including Amedei and Vichenza. We are able to distribute our delicious chocolate gifts by post, as well.

If you ever find yourself wandering down the bustling streets of Wellington, come and visit our delightful shop where you'll be surrounded by the rich aroma of our fresh chocolate products. Whether you prefer white, milk or dark chocolate we have a selection that you will seldom have seen anywhere else.

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